Assurance Solutions

In answer to the following question: “What is your greatest asset?”
What would your answer be?

The typical answer is my house, my investments or other tangible asset which can be traded.

The truth is that all the previous answers would not be obtainable without having the first ultimate asset.

Your first ultimate asset is your ABILITY TO EARN AN INCOME.

If this asset is not able to provide a return, all other tangible assets, which usually come to mind first, would also be under threat.

The ability to provide income for you and your family is continuously under threat because of the way we live and the world we face on a daily basis.

It will further be affected by the occurrences of natural or unnatural events which lead to DEATH, DISABILITY, CRITICAL ILLNESS or HOSPITALISATION.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your biggest asset and still provide for yourself and your family.
At HISEC there are four major risk areas which we assess for clients in order to determine the value of insurance cover required in case of:

  • Death;
  • Disability;
  • Critical Illness;
  • Hospitalisation cover (Medical Aid).

*HISEC’s experience, having been in the industry since 1984, allows us to have a thorough understanding of the available options in order to provide clients with the correct provision from the best suitable provider.

When was the last time you had a comprehensive financial needs analysis done in order to determine whether you have any shortfalls, should any of the above-mentioned events happen in your life or the lives of your family members?

We would be honoured to assist you in this vital determination.

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