Estate Planning

The main aim of planning your estate is to ensure that as much of the accumulated wealth is utilised for your own benefit and for the maximum utilisation of dependents at your death.
Estate planning is therefore a continuous process of creating, managing and implementing steps which are designed to:

  1. Preserve, increase and protect assets during your lifetime (this we do as part of the investments, retirement and insurance solutions);
  2. Ensure the most effective and beneficial distribution thereof to succeeding generations.

The process of estate planning therefore does not only refer to the drafting of a Last Will and Testament, or setting up your affairs to avoid estate duty, but also to
utilise all available tools in order to manage client affairs to best reach the above mentioned outcomes. This includes, investment vehicles, Trusts (Inter Vivos and Testamentary) and obviously the drafting of Wills and Testaments.

Given our unique position to understand the clients’ financial position regarding the work performed on their investment, retirement and insurance solutions, we are ideally suited to provide Estate Planning services before death. We then support the remaining family in the winding up of the estate process in the event of death occurring.

It is very important for you to plan your estate, which could include a living will, a last will and a living trust. This can help families prepare for difficult times when you are no longer available to assist or advise them. Our lives get busier and more complicated by the day, so estate planning for young and old becomes increasingly important.

At the age of 18 a young man or woman officially becomes an adult in the eyes of the world. This means that you are entitled to make important financial, legal or health decisions regarding your lives. A problem arises should something happen and you are unable to make these decisions at a critical time.
Such situations can range from small inconveniences to a life-threatening crisis, but if your estate is in order, it can speak on your behalf.

We are ready and able to assist you in this process.
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