About Us

HISEC Wealth & Financial Services is a niche, wealth management and financial services company. We have had our roots in the financial industry since 1984 and have seen many changes in the world. We have maintained our relevance and even in our extensive experience, we continue to learn and adapt to the ever changing world around us.

At HISEC  we wish to create a Private Wealth management experience for our clients in all areas of their financial lives. Click here to access your personalised login space, housing your entire investment and insurance portfolio, in one centralised space, or contact us if you would like to have access to this service. (HISEC Private Wealth Clients only).

HISEC has cultivated unique and dedicated relationships which give us the edge in providing value to our clients. One such a relationship is with Finsolnet.

This relationship enables us to enhance service delivery, reduce costs and improve the quality of benefits and products offered. Hisec became a founding member of Finsolnet in 2003.

Finsolnet is a network of independent financial professionals, who remain independent, but combine their resources and work together. As an associate of Finsolnet, we participate and benefit from the combined resources and knowledge of this select group of specialists to:

  • Develop, benchmark and standardise best practice solutions.
  • Establish economies of scale to reduce cost.
  • Manage on-going due diligence, product and performance reviews of products and product providers.
  • Inform and fully disclose all costs related to financial and other solutions.

HISEC has also managed to create specialist relationships with offshore providers. This enables us to provide clients with an offshore investment platform, linked to an offshore bank account, with exceptionally low costs.

All of these, current and future efforts to improve our offering, are designed to provide and enhance the private wealth management experience for clients, as well as deliver the best possible financial solutions to meet clients’ varying needs.

We believe this separates us from the standard financial advisor and creates significant added value to our clients.

Become one of the few who choose to benefit from our offerings today.
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