How much money do you need to retire comfortably in the future? How does one ensure the security of funds after retirement? Research has shown that higher levels of wealth are achieved by those who regularly consult with advisors. These investors have better savings habits and are more likely to meet their retirement income needs.


HISEC’s professional advisors will work with you to understand and calculate your risk capacity, helping you to define your goals, manage your cash flow, and invest surplus funds. Our team of retirement specialists takes the work out of retirement, tailoring resilient portfolios to meet your financial goals both before and after retirement.

Hand-Selected Asset Managers

Our relationship with our pool of fund managers means we are uniquely placed to offer you tailored investment options and reduced fee structures.

Long-Term Value

Our entrenched retirement methodology is designed to assist you with long-term diligence, growth, and value.


Age is all about the numbers. Improved healthcare and lifestyles mean we are living longer and longer – and so the lifespan of our funds needs to be extended.

During the Pre-Retirement Phase, the aim is to save as much as possible to provide for income requirements during retirement. This is usually achieved using tax efficient vehicles which provide tax deductions as you save – such as corporate pension or provident funds or retirement annuities.


The benefits of pre-retirement planning include:


  • The comfort of living out your remaining years without having to rely on family assistance – with the time and means to live your dreams.
  • Approved retirement vehicles are highly regulated – safeguarding you from undue risk and ensuring the safety of your money.
  • Tax benefits mean the government is effectively assisting you in saving towards your retirement.
  • These types of investments fall outside of your estate, providing additional estate duty benefits – and are also safe from creditors laying claim to your savings.

Whilst pre-retirement is all about accumulating, post-retirement is about enjoyment and management of income. Post-retirement strategy is all about cash flow management – determining how much income you can draw and how long your money will last.


We divide post-retirement money into three categories:


  • The conservative silo – provides for your immediate income needs
  • The moderate to moderately aggressive silo – provides for your income needs for the next 3 to 4 years
  • The aggressive silo – this provides for income during later years, keeping up with inflation and providing sufficient savings to draw savings over time.

We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.

Let us assist you in achieving your pre and post retirement planning goals.