How would you provide an income for yourself and your family if ill-health or life events led to death, disability, critical illness, or hospitalisation? Your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income – and this can be safeguarded through specialist risk planning and long-term insurance solutions.


Whether you are an individual looking to ensure that the interests of your family are protected or a business owner with corporate assurance concerns, our experienced team of specialists brings competent expertise to build the assurance portfolio you need.

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Financial Protection

Peace of mind and protection in the case of death, disability, dread disease, and hospitalisation.


Death, disability, critical illnesses, and hospitalisation can be devastating for people, their families, and often their businesses – more so when these come with financial worry. Our assurance solutions are designed to empower you, and those close to you, with invaluable financial support.

Death, disability, and critical illnesses are some of the most challenging life events many people will face. Effective assurance solutions give priceless financial peace of mind during these emotional and often distressing times.


Life insurance is one of the most fundamental long-term policies you can have. HISEC provides simplified advice to protect loved ones and dependants from the financial burden of estate duties and taxes and other debt. It also serves to provide those that matter to you with a lasting legacy.


Similarly, disability and dread disease could reduce your ability to work and earn. In the event of illness and accidents, financial freedom empowers enhanced quality of life and concentration on recovery.


If you are a business owner, business assurance solutions protect the financial interests around key people within an enterprise, covering the business’s financial responsibilities and liabilities.

Manage your wellness without worry, with our carefully selected range of medical aid products. Hospitalisation and medical care can be extremely costly. The right cover can make all the difference to your daily health needs, emergency medical requirements, and future care. At HISEC, we pair both you and your family with the right provider and act as your representative to ensure long-term satisfaction with your medical aid company.

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