The arrangements you make today will have an untold effect on you and your family when faced with illness, incapacity, and death. From small inconveniences to life-threatening crises, having your estate in order gives voice to your wishes no matter the circumstances.


Estate planning aims to maximise the accumulated wealth utilised for your benefit – and that of your dependants – at your death. This is an ongoing process of creating, managing, and implementing steps to:


  1. Preserve, increase, and protect assets during your lifetime
  2. Ensure the most effective and beneficial distribution of wealth to the next generation


The comprehensive financial service offering at HISEC means we are uniquely placed to understand our clients’ investment, retirement, and insurance portfolios. This makes us ideally suited to provide estate planning services before death – and to support your family in the eventual winding up of the estate.

Trusts & Investments

Vehicles for protection and growth of your assets.


Living and testamentary wills which leave a lasting legacy.


Planning your estate today can help families prepare for difficult times when you are no longer able to assist or advise them. Our lives get busier and more complicated by the day and we cannot predict the future, so estate planning for young and old becomes increasingly important.

During your lifetime, an experienced estate planner will partner with you and use all available tools to manage your affairs for growth and preservation of your assets for your benefit – and that of your beneficiaries after your death. This includes investment vehicles, inter vivos and testamentary trusts, living wills, and the drafting of a last will and testament. Both local and offshore structures are explored, depending on your specific needs.


When financial, health, and legal factors come into question, time is often of the essence. Having HISEC as a partner for your estate planning ensures your interests are protected and you have a voice – even when you cannot speak for yourself.

Many people do not have a will. Those who do often underestimate the importance of updating beneficiaries and terms to truly reflect their wishes. A lifetime of careful financial planning can come undone in the absence of a will. At HISEC, it is the privilege of our estate planners to work with you over the long term – and to stand alongside your families and loved ones through illness and death.


Giving our clients a single source for their financial planning and wealth management comes down to more than convenience. Our team builds sincere, long-standing relationships with clients – and our services are extended to the support of your family in a lasting, meaningful legacy.

We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.

Let us use our comprehensive estate planning services to your advantage.